Multiple Videos at Same Time

The screen is divided into four equal parts. You can load a video on any of the four parts by clicking on the green colored plus (+) icon. You can remove a video from any of the four parts by clicking on the red colored (x) icon. Loaded videos are in auto-loop and autoplay mode. Each video has its own set of media controls which include pause, play, backward, forward, and seek. The green plus (+) icons and the red (x) icons are dimmed during playback so as not to be intrusive. Auto-loading and auto-resume of last video(s) played. Super lightweight. Download size is now less than 1MB. Here are some possible uses for this app: Sing quartet all by yourself. Can be used in movie theaters to show 4 movie trailers at the same time. Can be used in stores and restos to showcase your products. If your device is capable of connecting to a big screen TV or projector, then this app can be used for product exhibitions to show multiple video presentations at the same time. You could pretend that you are talking or interacting with your 3 other self. Version : R4
Operating System Android