Audio Cutter

Audio Cutter is a phone application that can be used to cut the tracks and recordings right in your phone to create ringing tones, notification and music for your phone. Fast and stable, with many supported file formats (mp3, mp4, opp, wav, m4p, ac, wma.), preset ringtone quality; Plus, our app is also free. Audio Cutter supports creating phone ringtones by searching for available tracks on your phone and cutting to make your own music. Audio Cutter supports recording, cutting recordings easily to create ringtones or music. Audio Cutter browses all the ringtones on your mobile device, search for music on the SD card, Browse. And can play, view information, set ringtone for contacts, set up notification, format settings, share and delete the music contained in the phone. Audio Cutter support is a fast and easy way to cut the required tracks. Audio Cutter supports many formats, easy to use interface, nice looking, completely free application.
Operating System Android