Slowmo-Gif maker

Slowmo is a gif creator which converts videos to slow motion gifs. These videos can either be recorded or uploaded from the user's gallery. With Slowmo, Users have the ability to create slow motion from within their devices. Moments in videos which would look rather plain if viewed at regularly speed look quite dramatic in slow motion. These slow motion videos now converted to the gif format creates the endless loop Slowmo is all about. Within the app, video to gif convertion is the first function of this app, followed by the convertion to slowmotion. Users have the power of a video slow motion app, and a gif editor as gifs can also be converted to slow motion. To make a gif, videos can be uploaded from the gallery or recorded using the camera and cropped to a preferred length and then converted. This gif maker gives Users the ability to select required content from their videos and have them converted to the gif format. Users also have the ability to browse through gifs from the web through this app. The control given to users for the conversion of video into gif and then to slow motion gif is the basically this app at its roots. With Videos, Slow is the way to go.
Operating System Android