Buftaku Subtitle Utility

Buftaku Subtitle Utility is a video subtitle editing application for Android which aims at editing & exporting Advanced SubStationAlpha (ass) subtitles. It parses the input subtitle file into a custom format which is entirely compatible with Advanced SubStationAlpha. It can parse the following subtitle formats: Advanced SubStationAlpha (ass). SubRip Text (srt). WebVTT (vtt) It can export into the following formats: Advanced SubStationAlpha (ass). SubRip Text (srt) Features: Multiformat import & export. Advanced subtitle attributes. Subtitle preview. Supports Advanced SubStationAlpha subtitles > Styles > Attachments. SRT tags to ASS tags and vice versa (bold, italic, and underline). Advanced lines management > Selecting lines from a specific attribute (style, actor name, effect name, etc) > Apply an attribute to selected lines. Preview the subtitle with a local video or stream a video from the internetReport Bugs: https://github.com/buftaku/Buftaku-Subtitle-Utility/issues.
Operating System Android