Smart motion detection for Tablets and Android Box

Surveillance system with motion detector and without false alarms for Tablets and Android TV Box. This application allows 24/7/365 video surveillance by means of your Tablet camera. Any Smartphone or Android TV Box are enabled too. Also, you can connect 1 USB camera or IP camera. Hidden (unvisible) operation. Main outputs are: Record videos by motion/sound detectors and archive them on the SD card Alerts (SMS, EMAIL, outgoing calls, outgoing video calls) invoked by the motion / audio detector. Realtime translation of alive video from smartphone camera to another gadget via the Internet, LAN or Wi-Fi DirectOperation in the hidden modeSelect The "Settings-System". Check the box to "Autorun". As a result after each activation of the Smartphone application itself will be run in "service" (fully hidden) mode. ATTENTION. If you have a smartphone, not a tablet, then it's better to use the RealVisor application, adapted specifically to smartphones. You should install the "Motion Detector with all options, RealVisor" program. In this program, alerts via SMS, call, as well as the function of determining the geo-position of the gadget will become available.
Operating System Android