Slow Motion Video

Slow Motion VideoWatch videos in slow motion and Slow motion. Simple user interface and easy to use as wellUse Slow motion video app to increase speed of the video. You can make whole video run in Slow motion or particular portion of video. Slow Motion Video Features: Create Slow Motion Video from Gallery and Camera live. Latest ux Design. Easy to use. user friendly UI. Create Slow motion video of a particular portion. Choose any one video. Select motion speed 1x, 2x, 3x, to. 10x. Save your Slow Motion Video in gallery. Slow Motion Video in app Direct share. Any Size Video SupportSlow Motion Video Steps to Use: 1. Start Button Click 2. Select any Video3. Video in app to start4. Slow Motion Button Click5. App In my Video openSlow Video Motion makes you fun with very effective play video with this amazing app.
Operating System Android