NoxBit (Beta)

NoxBit is imperceptible and 'causes no overwork' for your device. When you watch a video you help to transfer it to the others at the same time. The more people watch - the faster it goes. Features: Enormous video contentAll from the reliable sources: television, movies, TV-series, cartoons, music and private video streams- Online televisionHundreds of TV-channels from all over the world - for any taste- Free access to allNo ads, no hidden payments included- Watch, pause and rewindYour favorite show is always on when you want it with our video storageAttention. This application does not contain any content. It only allows playback of content published by different people and third-party services over P2P technology. Therefore, if you don't know why you need this app, do not install it, and if you are not satisfied with the quality of any broadcasts published in any third-party applications, or on any third-party websites, or such broadcasts don't work at all, please contact directly the owners of the content, but not us.
License Free
Operating System Android