4K Linker Total Control

This APP request Bluetooth authorization and SD card/file writing permission. It will allow you to control and operate your HDfury Linker and your Home Theater setupIt can perform the following: Modify and Upload Configuration. Switch Input channel. Set Auto switching mode. Set Input Priority mode. Turn Logo LED ON/OFF. Scale Up/Thru/Down- 4K60 / 4K30 Preset- Color Space / Deep Color setup- Display current link speed and infoframe information. Display incoming signal information. Display active link (s). List of Custom EDID banks available: 1 - Custom Uploaded/Default EDID2 - 4k60-444 600MHz HDR BT. 2020 All Sound3 - 4k60-444 600MHz HDR BT. 2020 Stereo4 - 4k60-444 600MHz All Sound5 - 4k60-444 600MHz Stereo6 - 4k50-444 600MHz HDR BT. 2020 All Sound7 - 4k50-444 600MHz HDR BT. 2020 Stereo8 - 4k60-420 12-bit HDR BT. 2020 All Sound9 - 4k60-420 12-bit HDR BT. 2020 Stereo10 - 4k60-420 12-bit BT. 2020 All Sound11 - 4k60-420 12-bit BT. 2020 Stereo12 - 4k60-420 8-bit 300MHz All Sound13 - 4k60-420 8-bit 300MHz Stereo14 - 4k30-444 300MHz All Sound15 - 4k30-444 300MHz Stereo16 - 4k30-RGB 300MHz All Sound17 - 4k30-RGB 300MHz Stereo18 - 4k24-422 12-bit BT. 2020 All Sound19 - 4k24-422 12-bit BT. 2020 Stereo20 - 1080p-444 148MHz All Sound21 - 1080p-444 148MHz HDR Stereo22 - 1080p24-444 All Sound23 - 1080p24-444 Stereo24 - 1080I-444 All Sound25 - 1080I-444 Stereo26 - 4k60-444 600MHz HDR BT. 2020 5.127 - 4k60-420 12-bit HDR BT. 2020 5.128 - 4k60-420 8-bit 300MHz 5.1 SoundYou can create your own menu and add custom commands at any time through an editable XML menu file. You can pair, connect and use the Bluetooth APP even when no signals is going through the Linker, in such conditions, the Bluetooth range is over >20m.
Operating System Android