VKinny - Free&Easy Video Maker

Record IMAGE/PDF/VIDEO + HIGHLIGHTER + FACECAM all at once on VKinny. VKinny is an effective communication tool for fast moving people to explain or leave comments on any types of files (Image/PDF/Video) hard to point out. Nobody wants to spend hours mastering nuances of video editing techniques. via VKinny, you can simply make an explainer video on your mobile. VKinny is a simple and easy to use video maker featuring highly required functions. Select any file (Image, Video, PDF) you want to comment. Selfie camera will capture your face and record it all at once. Ask your colleague a question, share your new idea, leave a comment on the specific part of the file via VKinny. Get this powerful and easy-to-use video making app for making explainer videos and directly upload it on YouTube, Facebook and more. You can make the best explainer video just following 3-steps: 1. Start VKinny and select file (Image/Video/PDF). 2. Press RECORD button and leave comments. VKinny will record everything, including you. 3. Share it. Main features: various source selecting You can select Video, Image and PDF file and record it with your commentary video. Face Cam control Zoom in/out, switch front/back and turn on/off your face cam while recording. Leave Highlight marks on your video with various colors and style while recording. Zoom in/out your added on image/PDF files to guide the audience where you want to emphasize. If you have any problems, please feel free to contact us: vcamp@vkinny.comYour feedback is welcomed and highly appreciated. TAG #VKinny for a chance to get featured on SNS & have fun with all of us.
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