Godseye has two major functions; to let you share and view live broadcasts, news and events in real time, from around the globe (without waiting for television) and to usher in the end of violent crime, through use of our emergency button to instantly broadcast any crime or potential crime against you or someone else from your smartphone. With advanced retinal scanning and facial recognition technology and access to the world's largest database of criminal biometric data, godseye will help law enforcement to track and catch criminals globally. virtually instantly. With your help, we can begin the end of violent crime. Protect yourself, your family and your friends. download the free app today (tell everyone you know.) and become part of the solution. Here's how it works: Broadcast live from anywhere in the world. When you're done, you have the option to have it available for replay. Watchers can also reshare your broadcast. Archived streams are available for 48 hours. As users of godseye increase worldwide, more and more criminals and potential criminals will be identified, tracked, captured and prosecuted. Would be criminals will begin to realize that committing crimes in public, with the "probability" of being caught live on godseye is no longer viable. Crimes of this type will begin to end as potential victims will simply turn with their smartphones and say, "I have godseye, " effectively ending the potential crime before it can begin. YOU can now be part of the solution. download the godseye app today and help the world begin the end of violent crime.
Operating System Android