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Record a mobile game easily. Cover broadcasting in the numerous places at once. Using JenauCaster, you can simultaneously broadcast the screen on live to YouTube, Twitch, AfreecaTV, Facebook, once. (Facebook advises by their policy that users will not cover the live broadcasting in other websites at the same time when he covers one in the Facebook.) We provide the service to transmit a mobile game broadcasting in a high-definition. Share and enjoy the joys with various users via the easy-to-use and high-quality online broadcasting which JenauCaster provides. Please use the SD class for free (watermarks inserted). Change your subscription payment in order to use the HD class. It is limit free for subscribed users to use the HD class and to have JenausCaster's watermark removed. JenausCaster enables users to simultaneously record and cover a non-rooting broadcast without using AZ Screen Recorder, Mirrortive, GameDuck, Movison, etc.If the broadcasting is interfered to stop due to a network error, the record will be contined on and on. Please record and broadcast the game screen in the simple and convinient way. You can record numerous games like Friends Popcorn, Cookie Run, Kung Fu Panda 3, Destiny's Child, MonsterCry Eternal, Maple Story M, Denma, Rolling Sky, Asura, AnyPang, Leneage Revolution, Leneage Eternal, erc. and simultaneously cover live broadcasts on Youtube, Twitch, Facebook, AfricaTV, etc.Using your Android Phone's front camera, you can record and broadcast various games like Leneage 2 Revolution, Clash Royale, Mind Craft, Aden, etc.including yourself on Live broadcasting. Additional installation of any software or hardware is not needed. To make a remark, YouTube allows you to broadcast after you agree with the terms and conditions for your 1st time experience to the YouTube live Stream service. Please activate the live stream feature via the URL below. running the JenausCaster, you can activate and set up the YouTube broadcasting following with the introduction. Recording. Broadcasting. Simultaneously on YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, AfreecaTV and various websites. Even very easy to use. You can just follow the guide to lead you to run the service. [Features]. You can use broadcasting service on Youtube, AfricaTV, or Twitch simultaneously. (Facebook provides the exclusive broadcasting service.). Try to easily and instantly stream your game contents on the various platforms after just one setup running. Simple InterfaceWith just login and simple setting, you're ready to begin your broadcasting. At any time you want, try to broadcast instantly. Broadcasting with reactionsWith the mobile screen broadcasting, you can use the mobile camera to broadcast yourself as well. Show your best reactions as much as you want. Broadcast (recording) Resolution 720P, image quality 4Mbps, 30fps support. Saving to files with the recording feature. Activating the recording feature, you can save the broadcasted contents to files. It allows you to use only the recording feature without using the broadcasting feature. You can share the saved files via SNS. Providing various options to finish the recordingWe provide options to finish the recording like 'Turn off the screen to finish the recording. ' or 'Shake and finish the recording', etc.which makes users feel flexible in any situation. Possible to use with non-rooting from Android 5.0.
Operating System Android


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