Recording Screen

Recording Screen is a free unlimited screen capture and screen recorder app. Recording Screen recording your device's screen to video. Easily capture your phone/tablet screen to a MPEG4 Full-HD video + audio file at a high frame rate. Create promotional videos, make tutorials or record help videos complete with audio. Main features: Capture screenshot on your screen. Recording your screen. No limit on recording time. Record in FULL HD (1920 x 1080). Landscape Recording option. Simple Interface. Audio recording. Show screen touches while recordingYou can create tutorial videos, or even just to show off. An app developer will find our screen recorder app very useful to create an app video for their apps. Perhaps you are chatting face to face with your friends or family and want to record it to replay it later. Download Recording Screen for: All types of GAMES with Very High Frame Rate. Video Tutorials. Video Calls. Promotional or demo videos for their apps. Incoming/Outgoing Phone calls. and more. For ANDROID 5. 1. , please do NOT select "Don't show again" on screen capture permission dialog to avoid "System UI has stopped" error. Please reinstall in case you already did. Thank you for the awesome support.
Operating System Android