Digital Signage

DESCRIPTIONDigital Signage is a FREE android app for playing Internet content on your device. You can play videos, images and web pages available anywhere on the web. You can have up to 99 players on the same Google account. Each player must run in a separate android device.DEVICE IDIn the upper left corner you will see an ID number. That number identifies each player on your Google account. When you first start the app, it will create automatically a player with this ID on the system with the name NEW PLAYER.ADMINISTRATIONThe same app is used for administration and player. You can administer all your players from any of them. The app is divided in 2 sections. A left MENU panel and right DATA management panel. The DATA managment panel display content in GRID style. Swipe up and down to scroll the records and use the ADD, EDIT and DELETE buttons to modify specific record information. The DATA management panels are splitted in 2 sections in a MASTER-DETAIL organization. Select a record in the upper (MASTER) section to display information in the bottom (DETAIL) section related with the record selected.CONFIGURATIONThe first thing to do is create a LAYOUT. A LAYOUT has a DESCRIPTION and 1 o more ZONES. LAYOUTS are shared against all players on the same account. Select LAYOUT from the left MENU panel. The right DATA panel will split in 2 sections. The upper part holds the description of the LAYOUT and the bottom one displays the ZONES related with the LAYOUT. A ZONE is rectangle of the display area when you can add content in a PLAYLIST. Each ZONE is made of 4 coordinates, left, top, width and height. You can define up to 9 ZONES in a LAYOUT. ZONE number must be consecutive and starting by 1.After creating the LAYOUT we need to asign it to a PLAYER. Select PLAYERS from the left MENU panel. The right DATA panel will split in 2 sections. The upper part with holds the PLAYER information (NAME, LAYOUT and DEVICE ID and STATE) and the bottom one the PLAYLIST associated with the PLAYER. A PLAYLIST is a list of Internet content to be played on a ZONE. Each content of the PLAYLIST is made of a ZONE (where the content is being played), a INDEX (consecutive number starting by 1), a TYPE (video, image, html), a URL (full Internet addresses of the content) and a DURATION (time in seconds for the content). The PLAYLIST plays in a loop, so once reached the end it start over with the first content again.PLAYINGA local PLAY button is available on the left MENU section. Use it to test the PLAYLIST on your local device. Use REMOTE ADMINISTRATION to determine the state of each player on your account.REMOTE ADMINISTRATIONPlayer records will show GREEN or RED depending if they are playing content or not. You can START and STOP players remotely. Use the STATE field of the PLAYER record to switch between PLAY and STOP. When a PLAYER is in PLAY state, the app with try to start it in playing mode each time you start the app. A service check the PLAYER state every minute to determine what to do.
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