Slow & Fast Motion Video Maker

Fast Video & Slow Video Maker App Makes Video in Fast & Slow Forward And Backword as Output with Simple Steps & Save File to Your Phone. Video Speed App You can now Easily & Quickly Convert any of Your Mobile Video into Slow Motion Video or Fast Motion Video. Record Your Speech & Make Your Speech Fast or Even Slow using our Slow & Fast Motion Video App. Watch videos in Slow Motion and fast motion. Simple User Interface & Easy to Use. Fast & Slow Motion Video App Shoot, Edit & Share Videos on any social Media in a Stunning Smooth Slow Motion Without Transferring any Video Files. Slow Motion & Fast Motion App Stop Motion is the best apps Make a Slow Motion Video. You Can Also Make Magic Fast Motion Video. Output Video Can be Uploaded to Soical Media. Fast Motion App will bring Your Phone with Video Recording Features Fast & Slow Motion Video App Slow & Fast Motion Camera. Amazing Feature of Slow & Fast Video: Crop video - Moment Video: Just Touch to Crop Videos to the Perfect Length. Slow motion by custom speed video like turtle run. Fast motion by custom speed video like rabbit run. Stop motion to get you into stop motion movie making. Color adjustment tool: Brightness, contrast and saturation. Sound effects: Choose from animals noises, farts, Vine quotes, explosions, laughter, etc. Slow motion (or fast motion) : Adjust video speed to slow or fast. Adjust Display: Change Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, etc. Merger: Combine multiple clips into one. Text: Type your own text with color and various fonts. Voice overs: Record your own voice over the video. Animated titles: Introduce your videos with animated titles. Filters: Select from several Instagram-inspired filters to enhance your videos. Transitions: Choose from 10 transitions to animate between video clips. Photos: Create slideshows easily. Easy to use UI. Suitable for mobile videos. Converted video will be saved separately keeping the original video unchanged. You can access converted videos within the app itself. Stop Motion: Create Vine videos with stop motion recording. Resize: Rescale your video within the video frame. Reverse: Playback videos in reverse. Copy: Create duplicate video clips. Adjust video speed and create slow motion video FX to make your own slow motion video. Free slow motion video effects, even if your phone camera doesn't support slow mo video. Slow motion or fast motion camera is the best. Video Show & SlideShow: Slideshow with photo and record- Add music to video show- Slideshow maker after edit photo and video- Merge video and photo to create slideshow or movie maker.
Operating System Android