MediaMapper Mobile

Download the fully featured 14-day trial. https://goo. gl/GNNq83START YOUR MEDIAMAPPER MOBILE ADVENTURE TODAY. Want to snap photos and shoot videos of a personal trip, professional tour, or work mission, and show people where you were? Maybe a picture's not enough. Need to capture distance measurements, altitude, or temperature? MediaMapper Mobile (MMM) is the answer for casual users, professional photographers, and surveillance experts. MMM is the only GPS-enabled mobile app that automatically geotags photos, videos, and audio recordings, and embeds other environmental info. Run it from your Android device, or connect to a GoPro or Sony camera via WiFi. Import geotagged photos from Nikon DSLR cameras and other Red Hen Systems products. TOP 10 THINGS TO DO WITH MMMCasual Users (1) Want to share your journey? Generate a KMZ file so others see where your photos were taken in Google Earth; share location details, photos, and KMZ files by email. (2) Need to revisit your route? Use MMM with the GEM Decoder USB device to watch a GEM-encoded video on a big screen, while the cursor moves along a route on the map displayed on your Android device. (3) Want to add a QR code? Put a QR code on a photo so others can scan it with a bar code reader to see its location on Google Maps. Professional Photographers (4) How about a virtual photo tour? Snap photos at pre-defined intervals to create a Google Earth virtual photo tour. (5) Need to transfer files? Transfer geotagged files directly from your Android device to a PC, or from a WiFi-enabled GoPro or Sony camera to your Android device. (6) Want a close-up, but don't want to lose context? Create a small close-up photo within a larger photo. Professional Data Collectors and Surveillance Operatives (7) Need to preview a shot without getting near the target? Use a Web browser to remotely view what a connected camera sees, then remotely control the camera to take the shot. (8) See something interesting? Mark "features of interest" as you photograph them or generate a PDF of a photo to annotate and email it. (9) Need more data than GPS can provide? Use Bluetooth to connect your Android device to a Laser Range Finder and measure inclination and distance. Connect to a TI Sensor Tag to log temperature and humidity measurements. (10) Want to determine the location of a remote target? Triangulate its position from two or more different photo positions. DATA OUTPUTMMM generates a variety of outputs. Photos: Unmodified and geotagged images (. jpg). Video: MP4 with NMEA-format sidecar file containing metadata. Supports continuous segmented video recording. XML Metadata: File containing photo settings, sensor data, and GPS location data. KMZ: Google Earth Virtual Tour KMZ files generated from distance-based photo sequences. COMPATIBLE CAMERASFor professional photographers, MMM works with Android-dedicated camera devices and WiFi-enabled cameras: Samsung Galaxy NX Camera (20 MP APS-C sensor with mirrorless lens) - Samsung Galaxy Camera 1 and 2 (point & shoot) - Nikon Coolpix S800c and S810c with Blue2CAN (point & shoot) - Sony DSC-QX1, DSC-QX10, DSC-QX100, and FDR-X1000 V - GoPro HERO3, HERO3+ Black, HERO4 Black, and HERO4 SessionFor folks who love taking photos, MMM works on Android phones and tablets. BLUETOOTH COMPATIBLE SENSORSMMM works with several devices to collect measurement and environmental data: LTI TruePulse 360B Laser Range Finders- External Bluetooth GPS receivers- Texas Instrument SensorTagFOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT MEDIAMAPPER MOBILE- Review the Media Mapper Mobile Quick Start Guide: https://redhensystems-1634. 1459197449/sites/default/files/mmm_quickstartguide. pdf.
Operating System Android