Audio Photos

Audio Photo works just like your normal camera, but it records audio a few seconds before and after the photo is taken. It adds another dimension to your photos by adding ambient sound to your photos. When you play back your audio photos, you'll hear a few seconds of your recorded audio to go along with it. You can also share your favorite audio photos by sending them to your friends and family through email, Facebook, and more. When sharing your photos with others, they get encoded into a single-frame video file, so that playback is possible without requiring your recipient to download extra desktop software. With audio photos, your friends and family will not only see your favorite memories, but hear them too. Features: Email your audio photos to anyone to let them hear audio in addition to seeing your photo. Post your audio photos on your Facebook. Browse your audio photos from the app. Customize how many seconds before AND after your take the photo you would like audio recorded. Silence camera shutter sound.
Operating System Android