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SRFR is the revolutionary new video streaming service that collects all of the videos from your Facebook, Dropbox and camera roll and streams them instantly to your smart TV, no wires required. SRFR is currently in beta - We're working to improve the app every day. If you have any feedback, would like new features or want to share your experience streaming video to your TV with SRFR, please contact We'd love to hear from you. Play, connect and discover with SRFR, the social streaming app that's locked into your favorite social media services. Surf for videos pulled from your social feeds, from movie trailers to homemade epics, and play with one touch. See a video you love? Share it with Facebook friends in-app, or stream it to your TV wirelessly over WiFi so the whole room can appreciate your exquisite taste. No boxes, no cables and no remotes. SRFR - Just watch. SRFR FEATURES: VIDEO STREAMING - Play Video With Just One Touch- Stream videos from your phone to your TV with one tap- Streaming is instant and completely wireless- Videos stream automatically - no need to switch HDMI sourcesDISCOVER & CONNECT - Explore Video From Social Media & Camera Roll- Facebook, Dropbox and your camera roll (video) create a custom playlist with only the videos you care about- Connect with social media to see what's trending with your friends- Cast video from your Facebook feed to the big screen like a video streaming wizardSHARE IT - Share Video With Friends- Connect with friends to see the videos they're watching- Surf for trending videos in your circle- Share video from My Media to Facebook in-app, and spread the joyTV STREAMING - Video Streamer Works on Up To 5 TVs or PCs at a Time- TV cast on up to 5 televisions or PCs simultaneously- Remote play to any TV or PC in the house, seamlessly- TV remote features let you control video playback from your phone while you streamCLOUD PLAYER - Stream Video From the Cloud- Cloud play lets you stream your favorite videos from their safe place in the cloudHow Does it Work? SRFR offers amazing video streaming from your smartphone to any TV or PC in the house. But how does it work? Simple. With SRFR, you'll need no boxes, dongles, remotes or HDMI switches. SRFR uses UPnP to discover your WiFi-enabled, DLNA certified TV or PC seamlessly. That means it can connect to any smart TV or PC in your house, without wires or wait times. From there, you're free to play anything from your social feed or camera roll. It's the amazingly simple way to stream all of your favorite entertainment, anytime and anywhere. Take the next big step in streaming with SRFR, and open your living room to a whole new world of video. Note: SRFR is currently in beta. This means that while we believe the app to be ready for public use, there may be occasional bugs as we iron out the last few kinks.
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