With DX video player you can Play, Share, Delete even Hide your videos. You can alter the sound output with built in DSP Manager, which includes a Bass booster, Sound Virtualizer (Virtual surround) and a powerful graphic Equalizer. You can add unlimited number of audio / video streaming links to your media database. And you can also control the media player parameters with simple touch gestures. DX Player Key features: App lock - You can protect your videos with security code. Video hiding - Hide your secret videos easily. Required security code to view hidden video files. Bass booster - Bass booster helps you to boost or amplify low frequencies components of the audio. (Works with headphones only). Surround - The exact behavior of this effect is dependent on the number of audio input channels and the types and number of audio output channels of the device. For example, in the case of a stereo input and stereo headphone output, a stereo widening effect is used. Graphic Equalizer - With built-in graphic equalizer you can adjust the balance between frequency components within the audio signal. Or you can choose the system preset for the equalizer. You can also save your equalizer settings as user preset. Separate DSP profiles for headphone and loud speaker. DX Player will automatically change the DSP profile when you plug/unplug headphones. Separate volume controls for Right and Left audio channels. Video search - DX Player comes with built-in video search engine, So that you can easily find your favorite videos. Subtitle support - DX Player supports multiple subtitle tracks with HTML formatting. Supports internal and external Subrip (. srt) subtitles. Multiple audio track support - DX Player supports multi track audio, So that you can choose your favorite audio track. Gesture control - You can control the player volume / screen brightness / player position with simple touch gestures. Video / Audio streaming support - Stream your favorite TV shows / web media. Background audio playback - When enabled audio remains playing after you exit DX Player. Hardware accelerated - Auto resume video - Audio fade - When enabled the media volume will gradually increase from zero to maximum while resuming the playback - Child lock - When locked all user inputs will be neglected. Fast forward / Rewind play modes (video only) - Selectable video playlist - Supports most popular video / audio / streaming formatsDX Video Player supports android 4. 1 Jelly bean - android 6. x MarshmallowNote: The number of Equalizer bands and frequency ranges vary with devices/roms. Bass booster works with headphones only.
Operating System Android