Canny Media Player

Canny media player is the best means to watch videos in Android devices. The floating window feature of the app, brings the real multi-tasking experience to you. With the floating window video player you can watch your favorite movie while using Facebook, whats-app, or while browsing internet. The video window is resizable and drag-able. Also you can view your video in full-screen. The app also has an in-built audio player, which supports custom playlists. Equalizer and filters deliver you high quality audio. The app is available as freemium (Ads will be displayed). Requires at least 19MB free in your phone memory. Features: Video Floating window video player. Open-GL rendering. Supports both HW and SW decoding of videos. Can switch from HW to SW and back on run. Multi-core decoding. Supports a wide range of video formats. Resizable and drag-able floating windows. Supports network streamed playback. Audio Supports wide range of audio formats. Supports custom playlists. Sort songs album and artist wise. 5-band equalizer. Bass-boost, treble-boost, extended Stereo support. Supports 2x volume. Supports multiple audio tracks. Subtitle Multilingual subtitle support. Internal subtitle support for MKV container videos. SRT subtitle support. Supports multiple subtitle tracks. Gestures Swipe gesture support for volume, brightness and seek control. Pinch to zoom and zoom pan gestures. Lock screen media controls. Headset media controls. Browser Have a decent browser, to open video and audio files in Canny app. /. IMPORTANT. /Permissions: 1. Pre marshmallow versions grant permissions on install. For Marshmallow and higher permissions are granted on run-time. Make sure all permissions are granted. In some Xiaomi and Meizu devices, "Display pop-up window" permission won't be granted at runtime. Users need to go to the App info to allow it (Settings->Installed Apps->Downloaded->Canny Media Player (App Info) ->Permission Manager). 2. If your device have any battery savings settings, make sure that allow background applications is enabled. In Xiaomi this is at Settings->Battery->Manage Apps Battery Usage->Canny Media Player and choose don't restrict apps background activity. This is required for smooth functioning of app as it is a background floating app. Gestures available on video window: 1. Show control window: single click on video window. 2. Volume control: swipe vertical on right of the screen. 3. Brightness control: swipe vertical on left of the screen. 4. Seek video: swipe horizontal. 5. Zoom pan: pinch out/in. 6. Drag video window: long press and drag after arrow icon appear. 7. Resize video window: hold and drag the icon on lower right corner. /. /.
Operating System Android