Serenity for Android

Serenity for Android is a client for Plex. It provides an optimized layout for large screen devices, tablets, Android TV, and navigation using a remote control or keyboard. Serenity lets you access videos, and music to play on your device. You can use the internal video player or external players are supported if the videos do not play on your device with the internal player. You must have a plex media server installed locally to use Serenity. Note: Android TV and tablet device users are recommended to use an external video player for the best playback experience. Users should review the FAQ if you are using cloud servers instead of local servers. Support and FAQs: FAQ: is supported: Server auto discovery and configuration. Video Queue and Continuous playback. Playback video trailers on most devices. Optimized layout for TV screens and larger tablets. All screens remote, game controller, and D-PAD optimized. Movie and TV Show libraries. Music Libraries. Internal or external video player support. Enhanced support for some popular players is provided. Automatic subtitle selection configuration option. Update viewing position when using external player. User configurable layout preferences and starting categories. Multiple Layouts (Grid View and Detail View). Download videos to the device. Content filtering via categories. App localization for English, Spanish, and French. What is not supported: Transcoding of video or audio. Most phones are not supported. Photo Libraries. Cloud servicesDepending on the device not all videos will play back. It is highly dependent on the video and audio codecs the device supports. The wider the supported codecs the more it can play back.
Operating System Android