Harmony Tasker Plug-in

The Harmony tasker plug-in combines the best of two worlds. It combines the powerful IR capabilities of Logitech Harmony remotes with the flexibility of Tasker. This plug-in currently supports the following capabilities: Allows to add and control multiple Logitech Harmony hubs (tested with Logitech Harmony Ultimate) - Supports stopping the current activity- Support running specific defined activities. As oppose to some 'hacker' solutions, this plug-in requires NO root on your phone and does not need the native app to function. NEW: this plug-in now supports individual device commands. Instructions: 1) first start the Harmony Ultimate Tasker plug-in main application and define a hub profile. 2) Define your tasks in Tasker, the plug-in can be found under the Plug-in section in Tasker. Please note: this is a Tasker plug-in, you need Tasker to make this functional to you.
Operating System Android