GoPro Studio Video Editor

Action Studio Video Editor is like a mini film production studio in your pocket. With this app for Android, you can edit GoPro and Action Cam video instantly on your phone or tablet. It's easy to add video clips to Action Studio and then choose titles and music to go with your videos. You can also split and reposition clips, delete frames or sections, apply filters and overlays, and export your saved films to share with the world. Download Action Studio Video Editor and cut, trim, combine, and create slow-motion sequences of your skateboarding, snowboarding, or other sports adventures. Then, publish your videos to YouTube via your mobile phone or tablet. All of this can be yours for FREE, along with the ability to do all editing easily on your device. No cloud required. Zero quality loss. You don't even have to copy your videos to your phone if connected over USB. FREE FEATURESAlmost everything you could want or need to do with your videos is FREE with Action Studio Video Editor. The basic FREE app includes the following features: Ability to create videos automatically with one Free Style (the "Action Studio" Style). Editing capability with one Transition, Filter, and Overlay (unlock loads more with the in-app purchase). Ability to share the love of muvee at the end of each video (removed with paid version). Edit Go Pro (Hero, Hero 3, Hero 4, and Hero 5) and Action Cam video PRO VERSION (IN-APP SINGLE UNLOCK) A single, in-app purchase unlocks all other Action Studio Video Editor features like Slow Motion, Zoom, and Crop, and additional Transitions, Overlays, and Filters. With the Pro Version, you can: Crop each video clip and reframe your shots like a Pro. Make slow-motion sequences instantly using our Compressed Domain Technology. Get the FAST MODE to make highlight reels in FULL HD. Edit your video with all Transitions, Filters, and Overlays (more than 30 of them. ). Get our 2 most popular styles: CLASSIC and PUMP IT UPWHY ACTION STUDIO VIDEO EDITOR? Action Studio Video Editor lets you immediately edit videos after skateboarding, snowboarding, and other sports action. Simply take your video with your phone or tablet camera, create a project in Action Studio Editor, add video clips and add titles, import music, and customize your video as you like. With Action Studio Video Editor, you're able to split video clips, rearrange clips, delete clips, add color, and transition between clips like a professional. Action Studio Editor allows anyone with the FREE app to adjust audio balance, play with filters to splice up clips, and enjoy many other benefits of a production studio while editing Go Pro (Hero, Hero 3, Hero 4, and Hero 5) clips. HIGHLIGHTSAction Studio Video Editor comes with 3 Full Modes of FREE video editing. Transition from action shots to awesome YouTube stardom with: 1) Auto-Mode: (tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch? v=OzwfzRqTI1Q) Auto-Mode uses our patented automatic video editing technology. Simply choose a Style and hit the Play button. It's that easy. Action Studio will use all the video on the timeline and automatically apply the Style's repertoire of effects and transitions. 2) Fast Mode: (tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch? v=MzLryIzuOzI) Fast Mode is the quickest way to trim and combine your clips together as well as add music. You can make slow-motion sequences in some Fast Mode clips too. You experience wicked-fast video with zero quality loss. 3) Pro Mode: (tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch? v=dKlYC9-jDyU) In Pro Mode, you get the full timeline and all the controls needed to add transitions, filters, and overlays. Add captions, titles, and credits to complete your story. You can also crop your videos to reframe your shots. Action Studio Video Editor is a mini Final Cut Pro in your pocket. We've made this powerful app super easy to use, but we offer full email support should you need it.
Operating System Android