Media Center Control

Do you ever wanted or tried a Windows Media Center/Player remote app? Then Media Center Control is made for you. Control everything from your phone, even if your TV/display is switched off. Use this application to control music, videos, movies, photos, TV, and radio content with Windows Media Center and Windows Media Player. Searching for the right music, movie, or TV show is fast and easy. Schedule playback of TV recordings. A Sleeptimer simplifies your life by putting your devices to sleep at a predetermined time. Installation of Media Center Control on your PC is required for this app to function. Works with Microsoft Windows Vista (WMP only), Windows 7 and Windows 8. Fully supports files in any language and font character set- Control music, videos, movies, photos, TV and radio content with Windows Media Center - Control music, videos and photos with Windows Media Player- Easy and fast searching of music, video/movie or TV content - Scheduling and playback of TV recordings (scheduling from internet also) - Fast connection via WiFi or Internet- Switch on your computer automatically with Wake On LAN (WOL) - Integrated, easy to use Sleeptimer- Quick and easy installation process- Optimized for both: small screens and tablets- English, french and german localizationYou need to install MCC on your Windows computer too. Before you purchase the app, you can download the server app on http://android. for free. Requirements for the Windows computer: Microsoft Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8 operating system (For use with Windows Media Center, Windows 7 or Windows 8 is required) and a network connection between your phone and your PC (Wifi router). To get all infos, screenshots and a video click the developer link at the bottom please. If you have any problems with MCC: Please contact me to get help or a refund. Don't just leave a comment in the store, I can't reply to them. I'm interested in any question or recommendation. Use the forums you will find over the developers link also. Many thanks.
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