Liberty Presentation Player

Liberty Presentation Player is an application for the users that want to play the presentations created with the Liberty Presentation Recorder. The files created by the Liberty Presentation Recorder are standard Windows Media Files. They may be played back with the Microsoft Windows Media Player. In such a case, the end-user will see two separate Windows opened. The presentation venue will appear in one of the Windows and the presentation computer's desktop will appear in the second Window. Each of these Windows may be sized according to your end-user's preferences. We recommend that other applications be minimized, until the user gets used to having both playback Windows available. Any user can download the Liberty Presentation Player program, at no cost. The Player program provides a standard playback format. The Player may be customized or branded for individual customers. The Liberty Presentation Player is the player for links with protocol hclphttp and protocol hclpmms.
File Size1.96 MB
Operating System Windows Windows Vista Windows 7 Windows XP