panovideo is a fairly intuitive application that creat 360 panorama video stitching and enables you to synchronize and stitch multiple clips in order to create a 360 panoramic video that can be viewed with various players or using dedicated head-mounted displays 1 support most panoramic camera video stitching. 2 support any number of lens and lens types of video stitching. 3 in the panoramic view of the spell before you can customize and add logo. 4 both support the video action synchronization, and to support the voice synchronization. 5 support 4K video hard coding and decoding. 6 support perspective adjustment. 7 supports manual adjustment of video stitching parameters. 1. offers two synchronization methods for you to use once you have imported the videos you wish to process, it is necessary to analyze the clips and link all the camera feeds. You can define the start time and the search range, and then select one of the available analysis modes. The application can use an algorithm that examines the audio tracks to synchronize the videos, as well as scan for motion trails. 2. Intuitive controls that should pose no problems to novices After the first operation has been completed, you can move on to stitching the synchronized videos. The application window is then divided into two sections, one listing the clips that have been loaded, and the other displaying a preview of the output video. You can perform adjustments to the image's direction and position by dragging it with the mouse cursor, as well as fine-tune the videos' synchronization. 3. take advantage of your GPU to create 360 videos more quickly When it comes to exporting the video, the program allows you to customize multiple encoding parameters, including the output resolution, bit rate and quality. Furthermore, it is possible to apply a logo loaded from a local image file. The application can also use GPU acceleration to speed up video processing, but only nvidia graphics cards are supported at present. To sum up, vrdl panovideo is a powerful panorama video stitching software utility that can help you create 360-degree panoramic videos by stitching multiple clips recorded by specialized cameras. It is relatively easy to use, and it features a modern, streamlined user interface.
Price USD 399
License Free to try
File Size 60.34 MB
Version 1.0
Operating System Windows, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
System Requirements None