100% FREE Teleprompter with Full Script Editing Built-In That Speaks & Times Your Scripts Easy-to-Use Teleprompter & Video Script Editing Software A Professional Teleprompter with "Mirror Text" It's tedious reading text with a stopwatch to time segments of your scripts for videos, TV commercials and movies. VideoScriptor uses Microsoft's Speech Synthesizer to actually read the text aloud and get the reading time. You select Voice & reading speed. Export ALL or Part of Your Scripts To Text, XML or Audio Files (.wav) Professional Teleprompter with Mirror Text Full Feature Script Editing Software Insert Videos & Images Anywhere in Video Scripts Reads Scripts Out Loud Times Each Segment of Text Exports Audio & Video Files of Script Exports in Various Formats I wrote this script editing software for myself originally and thought I would share it. It allows you to move edits around your scripts with just a Click and Drag. And it will time each person's part in a script and export the audio file in various formats. Allows you to paste in image and videos.
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