Cropster is the professionals' choice for setting up mechanical and page markings. This powerful XTension will set up crop marks for bleed, trim, safety, folds and page gutters. It sets up colored guides for all dimensions and folds. Cropster enables the choice of machine centering on a page to facilitate double sided printing, and it features user definable presets. Use Cropster and you'll see why it is the industry standard for setting up electronic mechanicals. Ability to Create Trimmed Document based on crop settingsAbility to trim a document to a box or selection, essentially "cropping" it. Full color options for all markingsBetter control over fold marks including mirroringChange the Scale to indicate huge sizes in feet or metersAdds trim and blled info the PDFs created
File Size84.96 kB
Operating System Mac OS Classic Macintosh
System Requirements
  • Quark 4.1 or higher