Searches Usenet newsgroups and retrieves images, movies, sound files, or other binaries.NewsBin is a news robot that automatically extracts binaries from USENET news groups. It downloads and decodes binary attachments to articles posted in news groups including multi-part posts. NewsBin is multithreaded, so it makes the most of your available bandwidth by processing multiple files simultaneously. It also supports multiple servers and will reassemble multi-part posts even if the parts span servers and groups. NewsBin supports extensive filename and subject filters and provides SPAM filters so you get more of what you want. NewsBin will display thumbnail views of binaries that are pictures and has the ability to save the thumbnails to disk. Binary files are stored either in subdirectories with the same name as the newsgroup or in a single directory.This latest version offers improved performance, better multi-part file processing (including spanning groups and servers), improved filtering capabilities, and minor bug fixes.
File Size2 MB
Operating System Windows NT Windows Windows 2000 Windows XP
System Requirements
  • Windows NT/2000/XP