Vibes. Jokes. Facts.These three words are the tenants of SFB Society, a social community that with original content and discussion brings folks together creating the ultimate vibe, sharing all the jokes, and speaking nothing but facts. An extension of the Smart Funny & Black brand created by comedian/author/Blacktivist, Amanda Seales, she envisioned SFB Society as a safe space for black minds to meet, mingle and merge about the things that matter to US most.In todays world, we gotta prioritize keeping good vibes only around us. So, at SFB Society, we have zero time for negativity AT ALL. In our space, youll find concepts of wellness and self-care, along with major tips and tools that serve to better our black minds, bodies and souls. We consider it essential that we endeavor to take care of our whole selves individually, believing that it strengthens our ability to nurture our community and thus make us better equipped to not only challenge oppression but preserve our joy in the process!It is no secret that laughter is good for the soul. Sharing jokes pon jokes is another form of healing, and the way WE do it, I mean#ILoveBlackPeople! We know that favorite gif, video or caption this pic that you share with your friends is sometimes just as healing to our souls as yoga after Sunday morning church service, and were bringing that energy to SFB Society along with original exclusive written, visual art, podcast, and video content from our creative visionary, Amanda Seales!In addition, when its time to get serious, look no further! With so much misinformation circulating, education is key, knowledge is power and solutions are necessary. Our Deans of Discussion will lead our charge in conversation, and engage you and your fellow SFB Society truth tellers to lay down the facts, keep it 100, and kick the truth to the young black youths!We welcome our allies who support and fight the fight along with us to our society as well! If youve been to a Smart Funny & Black show, connected deeply to an #igstorygem video that Amanda has posted and wanted to share your thoughts, or simply find yourself looking to engage in elevated conversation without worrying about trolls/Karens/etc. unlike on Facebook or IG, the membership-only structure of SFB Society provides a perimeter of protection and empowerment to revel, disagree, share, celebrate, challenge, elevate and heal each other through culture, comedy, and community.If youre the kind of person who enjoys:Exclusive ContentFinding the FunnyEngaging with Real Ones who do Real ThingsHigh Vibration EnergyCulture CreatingPossessing your Joyand Eerthang Black!SBF Society is your space! Pick the plan that works best for you and come conversate with us today!
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