WAVE - Video Chat Playground

*Introducing the all-time classic Memory game and 4 in a Row for you and your friends to play!Be together even when you cant! WAVE is the best place to play games while having a group video chat with up to 8 people. You will be able to enjoy amazing games and have conversation with your best friends as if you were actually together!Why youll love WAVE:There are various multi-player games you can enjoy on WAVE, which are:1) *NEW* Memory Game (2-8 players)Turn over all the matching pairs as fast as you can!Test your memory and beat the game!2) Various Mini Games (1-8 players)You can play all kinds of classic board games & party games including 4 in a Row, Never Have I Ever, Whac-A-Mole, and Crocodile Dentist!3) Watch YouTube TogetherShare your favorite and trending videos from YouTube!You can sing along with your friends too!4) Drawing Quiz (2-8 players)Guess what your friends are drawing!The person who gets the most correct answers wins!5) One Card (2~8 players)Get rid of all cards or get other players busted!Enjoy the true classic card game with your best buddies.6) The Mafia Game (4-8 players)Deceive your friends and eliminate all citizens!Or guess who is lying and find the Mafia!7) The First Mobile Escape Room! (2-8 players)Terror / Thriller / Adventure Theme Updated!Try escaping different escape room themes from your phone and get hints if needed!8) This? or That! (2-8 players)The eternal debate: pour cereal or milk first?Vote for your favorite and compare your choice with friends!9) The Ocean's Five (2-8 players)Spot 5 and beat the bell!The person with the most points wins!10) Share Photos & DoodleAsk your friends to choose the best profile picture!You can also download photos and draw on the pictures!Youll enjoy the following features:#Public RoomsMake new friends on WAVE!You and your friend can switch your room from private to public mode! In this way, youll be able to make new friends from all over the world!#GroupsCreate groups with your closest friends!You can call or send DM to all of your friends at once!#DMCant video chat? No problem! DM with your friend!You can also turn OFF the camera and microphone on video chat!#Private roomLock your room to talk to your friends privatelyFYI, group calls are locked by defaultPermission Details:- Camera (Required)Uses the devices camera during video chat.- Microphone (Required)Uses the devices microphone during video chat.- Storage (Optional)Uses storage when modifying profile pictures and using Share Photo function.- Notifications (Optional)To send notifications on incoming video calls, messages, events, and friend requests.- Contacts (Optional)Uses contact information to find friends.
License Free
Version 2.5.12
Operating System Android
System Requirements Requires Android 4.1 and up