LOKI: 10 Seconds Everyday

LOKI is the most exciting new place for mobile video.We need a new way to record life that isnt Insta-worthy & not have it disappear. LOKI is the easiest way to record 10 seconds daily & get a movie of your life at the end of each year.10 SECONDS EVERYDAYQUICK. Just open the app & hold to record.EASY. Pause & record throughout the day then add music & filters for free!RAW. Record moments, reactions, stories, ideas, tips, & everything in-between.At the end of each year you get a unique life movie you can enjoy, edit, & share!GOODBYE LIKES. HELLO BOOST.BOOST. Use LOKI coins to support & Boost each other onto the charts.COLLECT digital cards of your friends, musicians, & their content.TRADE as you Boost back & forth with friends for fun!Limited time: join today & get 100,000 LOKI coins for FREE. You can influence the top 100!NEW CULTUREONE post daily limit (60 second daily max).NO ALGORITHM on friends feed. Its time based & your content gets seen.PRIVACY. Super easy controls. Youre in control.Real & raw means capturing the good, bad, & the ugly.GET FAMOUSShare your daily video & get boosted to climb the daily charts!All it takes is one awesome video to go viral.LOKI is the easiest way ever to get discovered.If you want to remain private we make it very simple.GET LOSTExperience & watch real stories unfold.Just engage with what you like, & skip what you dont.Find a stream of videos personalized just for you.Looking to laugh, learn, or think? Theres something for everyone on LOKI.A FEW MORE LOKI PERKSUnlimited backup: secure your memories & never lose them.Unlimited drafts: Start as many as you want.Occasional daily check-ins to earn free LOKI coins!*Want to get featured? Hit us up at team@lokixd.com or DM us @loki.xd**Dont wait & start capturing your life. Get the free LOKI app now!Happy boosting!
License Free
Version 1.0.9
Operating System Android
System Requirements Requires Android 7.0 and up