The vision of uDreamed is to enable people around the world to tap the power of the unconscious mind to realize their full potential and improve their quality of life. The company's core service offerings include a mobile application and a website that allows users to record, associate, analyze, match and share their unconscious experiences (e.g., dreams) and consult professionals to gain deep and unique insights. All of us possess powerful unconscious traits, emotions, memories, desires, motivations, inspirations, defenses and biases we are unaware of. These "hidden" processes operate outside our awareness but determine much of who we are, influencing our daily decisions, mood, behavior, preferences, perspectives, and interpretation of events. Accessing and harnessing the contents of the unconscious mind presents tremendous opportunity for individuals, society and organizations. Our service unlocks the power of the unconscious mind, opening up new possibilities for self-development, creativity, innovative problem-solving, and discovering new ways of living and adapting to a changing world. With this service, you can:Record detailed content and full descriptions of your unconscious experiences in your personal experience bank.Find connections between your conscious and unconscious experiences.Analyze, compare, and discover trends in recorded experiences from your own experience bank, your friends (anonymized) and the globe.Discover who is having similar unconscious experiences and how many similar experiences are occurring all over the globe.Share your unconscious experiences with whomever you choose, while others can also share with you and you can comment on each other's experiences.Connect with friends and create groups around similar interests and experiences.Consult with licensed practitioners about your unconscious experiences in order to discover more about yourself or to receive therapy.Discover more about what your unconscious experiences mean, ask questions in the forum, and see frequently asked questions.Find products to help you navigate, facilitate and augment your unconscious experiences.
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 4.1.0
Operating System Android
System Requirements Requires Android 4.1 and up