LYK - Chat and Connect with LYKMinded People

LYK is a Social Network with Privacy and one of the first social networks, giving its users full power to control their online privacy, thus offering a completely safe environment to connect, express and share their opinions and thoughts with full freedom. You can also post updates, share your life and connect with like-minded people with full privacy.Through state-of -the-art AI, all users are matched daily with other community members who share similar interests and passion.LYK is the only social network to offer 3 unique levels of connection, allowing users to easily separate posts, calls, and chats based on the type of conversation and content they want to share at any given moment.LYKs unique privacy features include:- Make private comments in group chats from the same screen.- Make private comments on public posts.- Have invisible connections.- Send disappearing messages over Private Chat conversations.- Comments from Invisible connections on Users' posts remain invisible except to the Users.- Connect with Other Users in LYK as Family, Close or Like-Minded.Other features:- Connect with LYKMinded people from all over the world.- Choose your audience every time you do a chat or group post. No one will ever be able to share your group post and chat with anyone outside of the audience you select. This privacy is unique to LYK.- Take full control over who sees your group posts, dont let your posts end up in some strangers feed.- Keep connections invisible. Certain people are meant to remain part of your private life. This is a privacy filter no other chat app can offer.- Connect in a private or group chats based on your specific chat needs and wants.- Send disappearing messages in a personal chat and leave no trace behind (poof!) as if it had never happened!- More meaningful connections as there are different levels of "connectivity". Define connections as Family, Close, or LikeMinded. This feature is unique to LYK.- Comment privately over public group posts or group chat conversations.- Share your post on LYK World or only with your connections or even with single connection.- Party planning: plan your next event or party and invite only the people you want to.- Make meaningful connections, with three different levels of connections on LYK as Family, Close or LikeMinded.-Free Video and Audio calls-Enjoy LYK Live, creating your Live Video.LYK, a Social Network with Privacy, is one of the fastest growing social networks today with 500,000 + verified users, having a growth rate of more than 31% month to month.
License Free
Version 1.6.0
Operating System Android
System Requirements Requires Android 4.2 and up