What is Katana Safety?----------------Katana Safety is a new, mobile, one-of-a-kind security system that travels with you on your smartphone. It is changing the way personal security works by empowering communities with the tools needed to help prevent violence and sexual assault.How does Katana Safety Work?------------------------The Katana Safety app is one part of the Katana security system. The app is where you enter up to seven people you wish to notify if you are ever in a vulnerable situation, whether its life-threatening or just uncomfortable and everything in between.It pairs to the Katana Arc, a slim device that attaches to the back of your smartphone and bypasses your phones locked screen to trigger silent alerts or a sound a loud alarm. You can also send alerts via the app. Sending alerts is easy and we want to empower our users to trust their instincts and stop bad things before they start.Sending an alert will notify the Katana Response Center - a 24/7 professional monitoring center. An agent will quickly call you, locate you, stay on the phone with you until you feel safe, call local emergency services on your behalf, or send messages to the friends youve entered into the app telling them where you are. Friends even get a phone call to help coordinate next steps together.How do I learn more?---------------------Learn more at our website. The Katana app is free and the Katana Monitoring Center requires a active subscription.Requirements:---------------- Katana Safety app must be running to send alerts- Bluetooth enabled to connect to the alarm device- Location services set to always so during an alert we know where you are- an active data plan or Wi-Fi connectionTestimonials-------------My office is in a sketchy neighborhood and I am always nervous walking to my car at night. I used to call my best friend and keep her on the phone until I got to my car. Now, Katana makes me feel safe because I know I have my best friend and professional support on standby. Nikki O.I bought this for my daughter on the day she graduated high school. I feel much better knowing shes bringing it to college with her. Jim C.I was on a date with someone I met online and it got uncomfortable. I pressed the silent alarm button without my date noticing. Three seconds later, my phone rang, which gave me an excuse to step away for a minute. A few minutes later, my roommate picked me up. Im so glad I had Katana in that situation. Zoe M.I was running on campus when a guy jumped out at me. I was wearing the wristband and the alarm went off. He ran away. Thank goodness! Joanna T.*Please use iOS 9 or later.**Currently available in the United States only.
Operating System iOS
System RequirementsRequires iOS 9.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.