Whistle your world with our new social app.Register with simplicity: No email asked, no credit card, no Facebook ;)just register with a user-nameand password.Invite all your friends easily from the contacts on your phone.Boys can whistle girls they like, and girls can kiss or slap boys in return.Add a picture and change it regularly to get more whistles/kisses. Only one picture can be used at atime so choose it wisely. Once uploaded, your friends will get noticed in real time.Use the intensity button by swiping vertically on the whistle button, it will send to your friend an ultra-hot whistle/kiss/slap depending on the intensity you choose.Girls have the possibility to choose from kiss or slap by swiping horizontally on the kiss button.Increase your whistle/kiss score by sending the most beautiful or funny photo of you and be the mostpopular of your friends.
Operating System Android