Gossip of the city is a new way for the Celebrity Gossip community to connect and share stories of their interest. In short time, Gossip of the city has 22,000 active users and growing daily. The community is free to join and welcomes everyone from around the world. Who is Gossip of the city you may ask? The owner of the app is a popular celebrity blogger who broke through the industry in 2016. The owner has broken some of the biggest stories with receipts and stories have been seen on every media network. The owner grew her brand on instagram starting in 2013 of March with her ex partner, but was deleted multiple times from instagram in 2017, causing the blogger to lose everything she worked for besides her following. To be exact, the blogger was deleted nine times from Instagram and two times on Twitter for her hot stories. Although losing an account that you work years to grow can be very hard, the owner decided enough was enough. The owner came up with the idea to create the first gossip social network for the gossip community. By creating a platform of her own, the owner could control the way her content was deliver and didn't have to be worried about getting deleted. The owner also wanted to know her fanbase a little more so she decided to allow them to post their own stories as well. The owner is opening the doors for future bloggers and hope the app can inspire many bloggers to be self independent. The owner continues to use instagram to grow her app but she understands at any moment her account can be removed so she is working non-stop to bring her dream into a reality. "My goal is to no longer need Instagram to run my company." "No one should put years into something just for it to be removed instantly." "I am thankful I have built a following & not followers." The owner also created her own website which is the panel control for the app. You can sign up on the website and join groups then download the app for a better experience. If you are aware of the groups already you can download the app and search for them one by one. You can find the website here: https://gossipofthecity.com .
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