We have a 24 hour radio station where you can now enjoy our own radio station, online! The Not Televised Media Show is going global!We see social media as it is still the beginning stages in a big way... Social media is really bug and it is going to get even bigger.. We already have a huge following across many platforms. This is why it is time to have our own! You, asked for it.. Now, you've got it! Our own mobile app... Now we are fully in charge and have full control. This app will allow us to connect with my everyone in the best way, Even when there is no internet, you still can access parts of the app without the "You need access to the internet, or error messages"Yes, even when there is no internet connection, you can still view most of the pages in the app.. Call us and find out the latest at a click of a button. We can list you in our directory and you get the vip treatment!Get ready to take off with us.. I am ready.. Are you?A digital learner and teacher exploring all things video and social. Combining L&D with soap making to change the masses from my soapbox Mobile application for Soap.. Let's talk soap. This app is dedicated to all soap people alike. Share this app and share in the community.
Operating System Android