Symphony: The Music Social Network

Symphony is the first ever Music Social Network. It allows you to share Song Stories with exciting stickers. The full YouTube music videos can be watched on Symphony itself.It has a disruptive AI enabled Personal Music Assistant, Beat that suggests you songs according to your mood, feelings, activities and much more.Symphony introduces a revolutionary feature that enables you to share songs with your friends irrespective of the music streaming app they use.Directly share songs with your friends using the Music Chat Feature.It has an elegant music player to play your local MP3 songs too.Features:Music Stories: Search for a song and post 30s Song Stories on the wall. You can also directly share a song from your music streaming app.Exciting Stickers: "Music Speaks, When Words Simply Fail". Use our awesome stickers along with the Music Stories to express your feelings and emotions.Explore Music: Explore what your friends are listening to and discover awesome new music.Watch Full YouTube Videos: On long press on a music stories, watch the entire YouTube Music Video on Symphony itself!AI enabled Personal Music Assistant: Beat is your Personal DJ. It is your personal Music Bot which understands you and your real time needs and suggests you music. Be it the activity you are pursuing, a specific genre or the emotions you are going through, Beat will talk back to you, understand you and suggest you a list of songs for your needs. That's not it! It has a plethora of other features like Trivia and Jokes, which will keep you entertained.Listen to 30s Previews, watch the YouTube Music Videos or play the song directly in your default music streaming app.Directly Chat and Share Songs with your friends: Using the Music Chat feature, chat and share songs personally with your friends!Intuitive Local MP3 Player: Symphony boasts of an elegant music player to play all your local MP3 songs. It strives to be the one stop solution for all your music needs.Search Feature: Search for your friends in the app to follow them, message them and listen to their shared music.Trending Feature: Discover trending songs shared by users all over the world.Bookmark Feature: Bookmark the songs you love. These songs will be saved in your profile for future access.Interact: Like and comment on the songs shared by your friends!Profile Feature: Edit your profile to add your DP and music story. You can also make your profile private. Follow your friends to discover the songs they are listening to.Symphony aims to break every barrier that stands in the way of sharing music and makes music sharing absolutely effortless! It believes that music is a medium of expression of one's feelings, and a channel of emotions.Visit: to know more!
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