Dateling: Meet New People. Make new friends

Are you single and looking to meet new people? Try a new unique FREE dating app to find a serious relationship by increasing the chances of a successful first date.You know the deal on other dating apps. You text empty messages to a stranger. On rare occasions you arrange to meet for a date. Then you find it difficult and uncomfortable to start a conversation.With Dateling your dating experience will be completely different as Dateling puts the Chat back into Chat!HOW IS DATELING DIFFERENT TO ALL OTHER DATING APPS?There are no pointless and empty text messagesMeet new people and chat (literally) to your match anonymously for 1 minute before you go on that dateOnly if the conversation goes well and you continue to talk after 1 minute your photos will be shown to one anotherHOW DOES IT WORK?You swipe REAL authentic photos, which are uploaded from Facebook, of other Dateling users. At this stage you do not see their name and they do not see yours!Right swiping a photo means you LIKE, a left swipe means you don'tWhen you have some matches (other users like your photo) you will see a list of your matches, but only by their names. You will not see their photo yet!You then make an anonymous FREE call and talk with them for up to 5 minutesONLY after 1 minute will your photos be revealed to one anotherIf you don't like the sound of the match or don't enjoy the conversation you stop chatting and your photo will not be revealedEach day you have 5 FREE minutes to talk to one or more of your matches.WANT MORE TIME TO CHAT?That's easy and cheap. You pay a small fee for additional minutes.ARE YOU READY TO MEET NEW PEOPLE?If you are, then just install Dateling now and get started.HAVE FEEDBACK?We are continuously adding new features based on feedback from our users. Please send us any ideas or bugs to datelingapp@gmail.comLOVE DATELING?If you really love Dateling please share your love by leaving a review and of course sharing the app with your friends.Happy Dateling!
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