Who us? Oh, we're just a couple of 30-somethings looking for ways to bring more joy and happiness into the world! The PassionProject app came to life after a conversation with an amazing single friend who was looking for creative new ways to meet partners and friends.We decided to take it on. We focused on shared passions and created an app that is fun and easy to use. When you use PassionProject you know - up front - what you have in common with other users. We added innovative features like the ability to send intro videos through the app. You can say hello and "meet" anonymously (...and verify that you are talking to a human vs. bot). We also added calendar features in the app that allow you to schedule and manage events with other users. And don't forget all of the usual goodies! We have those too! Direct messaging and real-time chats are at your finger tips! Pun intended. We love PassionProject because it has no boundaries!Come as you are and explore. Let your passion be your guide.
License Free
Version 7.4.2
Operating System Android