*Beta Release*Trade DRS Certificates inside itStock Financial's Market Place. //Grab The Loan Code From Our Facebook Page\\http://facebook.com/1stDRS.Trading//Start Risk Free\\*Here's How It Works!*Your info & photos are used to create a physical Equity Security Certificate; issued by itStock Financial. (10- 16 weeks standard U.S.A. shipping)$0.35 of your initial deposit gives cash backing to your DRS Certificate.Each time a DRS is traded, the value increases 1.31%-20%.(based on trading performance) *TIP*(use loan code: 1stLOAN to get a $3.00 loan)*How Can I Make A Return?*The objective is to find the "IT" stock, the one you think someone else wants.These elements determine DRS Certificate popularity and profitability on the trading floor:______________*School/Alum * Profession*State/Providence*Sells Pitch/Catch Phrase*Photos________________Each trade has a fee associated with it.The fee scale is as listed:*sellers fee: 2.8% of trade price*(the current holder of the DRS) *manufactures fee: 2.0% of trade price* (the DRS creator)*transaction processing fee: $0.01 per trade*(itStock Financial)After you deposit/earn $30.00+, a debit card will be issued; you can transfer money from your trading account and use it how you want.-----That's It---------Have Fun Making Money In The 21st Century
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