Whisperr audio dating

Whisperr is a dating app based on audio profiles. Voice is a great addition to online dating profiles because it lets you know very quickly whether you like someone or not, without having to talk to them ('cause they're already talking).Online dating is a lot more fun when you hear voices!How does it work:- Sign up via email or use social login.- Fill in some basic info about yourself: name, age, location, gender.- Upload your favorite photo.- Record your audio profile - it can last between 10 Seconds and 3 Minutes.- For your audio profile we offer some help: you can finish a set of sentences, pick a topic to talk about, or read one of the texts.- Start swiping through audio profiles (photo appears with a 10 second delay to not distract from the voice).- When you like someone, click on the heart icon and that person will be saved in your favorites list.- In your favorites list you will also find people who liked you.- When two people like each other (the heart icon on the list of favorites is full) the chat is unlocked.- Start Whisperring! Imagine being able to hear a person before talking to them, being able to tell who they are before spending time to get to know them. This means better insight in one's personality than you would get on a traditional dating site. Filter all unwanted dates, make a better selection and meet only people with higher potential for a meaningful connection. You don't have to go through all the motions of flirting and chatting online only to discover upon meeting in person that the person is not a match for you.Whisperr is also fun and playful. Learn about yourself by filling in your profile. Show your personality, give people something to fall in love with, share a story, an anecdote, or a joke. Play guessing games about how someone looks based on their voice. Listen to short stories of individuals, told in their own way, and see if you can figure out who they really are. Try it out, start listening to the voices and see how you react. Do you have an instant reaction? Do you immediately know which voice you like and which you don't? Was your instinct about the voice correct? Talk to people you find intriguing. Let us know. Be among our first official users and join us in setting new trends. We are evoking the best of old values to create the best new relationships using progressive models in a fun way. Follow us to stay up to date with our progress. So, what are you waiting for? Download Whisperr now and start Whisperring! Our priority at this stage is your feedback. We would appreciate greatly any type of feedback you might have for us. We want to make Whisperr the best possible experience for you, and we are here to listen. Please, write to us at users@whisperr.me or use the feedback option inside the app. Thanks!
License Free
Operating System Android