D2D Chat: The Ultra-Private Messenger

Your messaging privacy is our concern. With D2D chat, our mission is to give you the ultimate privacy and control of your identity, and messages. Unlike other messengers, D2D Chat is the 1st DIRECT INSTANT messenger that is ULTRA-PRIVATE, SECURE AND WITHOUT SERVER CONNECTION. Here's why you need D2D Chat: -NO PHONE NUMBERS ASKED: Register with D2D Chat without ever entering your phone number, and open an account by creating a pin identity. -NO CONTACTS SYNCED: Your device contacts are not taken, or stored on servers.-YOU DECIDE WHO TO FRIEND: Unlike all other messengers, you are in control of who you want to chat with by exchanging your pin identity.-DEVICE TO DEVICE MESSAGING: All your messages travel directly from your phone to your friend's phone without passing through the servers. -NO TRACE: No other copies of your messages exist except on your phone and your friend's phone. For an added layer of security, you can send and receive messages that self-destruct from both sides.-TRIPLE ENCRYPTION: All messages are END-TO-END ENCRYPTED giving you the freedom to share sensitive matters through a messenger that gives you security and privacy as good as the spoken word. Each message has three different encryption methods used during transit.-Over 21 PRIVACY FEATURES: Join D2D Chat and take charge of your privacy! With a suite of privacy tools, you can remain in control of your messages even after they have been sent. Use 'Extract', 'Stop Screenshot', 'Stop Copy Forward Share', and 'Blink', to prevent your friends from sharing or keeping your chats.
License Free
Version 5.0.1
Operating System Android