It's FREE to trade anything on Tozaii Exchange.Tozaii Exchange is a chatting and trading platform app which lets you trade with your family, friends, neighbors or anyone else on our platform.You can chat with anyone who likes your item then decide when to trade and meet to exchange the item.Let's learn more about this feature-packed app:Sign-Up FeatureRegister or login with your email address, mobile phone number or Facebook account.Discover FeatureFind items of your interest based on distance, item condition, user rating and trade type.Trade-In FeatureTrade-in anything which you need.Trade-Out FeatureTrade-out anything which you don't need anymore.Chat FeatureChat with each other then decide when to trade.My Wall FeatureSee your own item listing, trade-in and trade-out history here.Profile FeatureManage your profile, trade preferences, notifications and more.Notifications FeatureReceive messages when someone likes your item or sends a trade request to you and more.Make Your Choice FeatureLike, Dislike, Hide or Report any item.Social Sharing FeatureShare items you like on Facebook, Twitter and Invite your friends to join our community.Download it for FREE now!Please follow our Facebook page to stay in touch:
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