Fill The Bowl: Queen Anne Food Bank

A hunger-free community. That's our goal. At Queen Anne Food Bank, our mission is to provide healthy food assistance to low-income and homeless people living in Seattle. We serve every person who comes to our door in need, without discrimination, and with respect and dignity.In service of that mission, we distribute over 280,000 pounds of food to our hungriest neighbors every year, with more than 35,000 pounds of that food coming from individual donors and through company, school and other organized food drives. However, nearly 50% of all food donated through food drives is received between the months of October and December even though the need remains high throughout the year and especially in the summer months.In these busy times, it can be difficult to know what to shop for or donate (needs change week by week) and, for those of us living and working in an urban environment, transporting that food donation to a collection bin or to the food bank can be logistically challenging. Fill The Bowl provides a way for you to stay up to date on the most urgent food and toiletry items needed by the food bank at any given time and includes an option to easily shop online and have your donation delivered directly to the food bank. Online purchases are a great way to ensure sufficient quantities of most needed items are quickly made available to our hungriest neighbors. Direct bulk deliveries also translate into reduced labor hours and more efficient use of space in the storage of donated food.Your food donations make a difference.
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