"Gambler scope" is a wonderful app where gamblers can enjoy their evolution."Gambler scope" has a social platform known as "Gamble clout" where user's can share their gambling experiences and techniques. User's can also follow other gamblers with the ability to like/comment/share post.To spice up the gambling world, the "Gamble date" feature brings fun to the gambling scene. This feature allows users to browse and find date matches in your area. Gambler's can efficiently locate a date that loves similar gamble types and games.Users will have access to our "Gambling directory". The directory contains every gambling location in the united states relating to casino gambling, sports betting, and bingo with a brief description of the features of the location. The website, phone number, and social platforms such as facebook, instagram, and etc. Will be accessible through the directory.Users will have access to weather, and a variety of news categories. Pocket tools such as a camera, scanner, sound recorder, video recorder, and a currency converter will be accessible for the users. A dictionary and our "Stay healthy" fitness section will also be available for gamblers usage.
Operating System Android