kru - The new way to go out in Seattle!

Ever wonder who's going out in the same area as you and your friends tonight? Now you can find out! Open the app, invite your friends, and browse other groups along with all of their recent pictures and videos they've posted to their "kr�¼ story". Swipe up to like a kr�¼ and you may have a match! Once you match with another kr�¼, you can group chat with them and decide if you want to meet up! Kr�¼ promotes meeting in a casual, safe, laid back group atmosphere because what's worse than being stuck in a blind date for two hours with someone who smells like fish tacos? ---------------------------------------------------- Here are the basics: 1. Download the app & login 2. Invite your friends to your kr�¼ 3. Take your group profile picture 4. Choose where you'll be going out on the map 5. Select your kr�¼'s preferences 6. Add pics & videos to your "kr�¼ story" to give others an idea of what your kru is all about! 7. Browse, match, chat & meet with other krus going out in the same area! ------------------------------------------------------ Created by people looking to solve all the problems of dating apps by creating an app that isn't a dating app at all. â?? Dating app problem #1: Serious dating/blind dates = awkward â?? kr�¼ solution #1: Fun, laid back group atmosphere without romantic expectations â?? Dating app problem #2: Outdated profiles â?? kr�¼ solution #2: Profiles lasts 48 hours keeping things fresh â?? Dating app problem #3: Outdated pictures/glory shots â?? kr�¼ solution #3: Profile pics must be taken in the app â?? Dating app problem #4: Fake profiles â?? kr�¼ solution #4: No fake profiles â?? Dating app problem #5: Meaningless matches â?? kr�¼ solution #5: Matches are going out in the same area at the same time â?? Dating app problem #6: No authenticity â?? kr�¼ solution #6: kr�¼ story" gives a better idea what type of people you're browsing â?? Dating app problem #7: Dangerous â?? kr�¼ solution #7: "Don't go out alone at night" -Mom
Operating System iOS
System RequirementsCompatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.