Unfollower for Instagram _ Pro 2018

The application includes a list of features to help you analyze your account:+ Followers who don't follow back+ Recent unfollowers+ Mutual+ Follow back(fans)+ I follow* All you need is to select how many users you'd like to unfollow or follow with NO LIMITS, and DO IT - our app will manage 60 unfollow/follow actions per every hour automatically, keeping account safe.* Please make sure you don't close our app till the unfollow/follow job is done and make sure you don't have any clean memory apps that might kill our background service.* You can analyze the progress on page where you started the service at any time.* If you select more than 60 users at once, your battery might drain significantly faster and your internet traffic consumption will increase.* For a huge amount of selected users, you should plug in the charger, connect to Wi-Fi network and forget about all your non followers back, lost followers or fans ;)Unfollow is an application of account data tracking, keeping you up to date about your activity. Using this app you can track the useful information about:1. Followers - those who followed you;2. Following - those followed by you;2. Lost followers - those who unfollowed you;3. Non followers - those who doesn't follow you back;4. Fans - those who follows you, but you don't follow them yet.SPECIAL features:- Unfollow all unfollowers - just one click to unfollow all your non followers or lost followers;- Follow all fans - just one click to follow all your fans.Achieve your customized Instagram Analytics:- Total daily count of your followers and following;- Total daily count of your fans and unfollowers.Some other features:- Show all your followers and following that has private profile;- Show top popularity from your followers and unfollowers.You can use simple version for free, with some ads and special features limit or you can have it all with no limits and no ads in PRO version for just 1$.Caution! Instagram admits a limited number of unfollows per hour between 60 and 200 requests depending on your account's age. We recommend you do not exceed this limit! If limit is reached, it might happen that your just unfollowed users still remains as followings.
Operating System Android