Do good deeds and grow your GoFundMe campaign today! DeeditForward makes it convenient to help others, while promoting your cause or charity of choice. Have you ever wanted to raise money for your family, church or organization, but didn't know where to start? Forget bake sales, walk-a-thons and car-washes, fundraise in the 21st century, on your schedule with DeeditForward! Simply open the map to search "Deed Requests" in your community. Select someone to help and we'll instantly connect you, providing real-time messaging and geolocation services. After you lend a hand, we showcase your GoFundMe account, to see if they'd like to donate. At times we all feel charitable and want to make a difference, now there's FINALLY an app that makes doing good deeds more safe and efficient. In just a few short steps you can instantly be connected with people in your neighborhood willing to support your cause for helping theirs. Download the app and "Deed it Forward" today! Key Features: - Real time push notifications alerting you when people in your area need help- Seamless and responsive communication, directly in the app- Geolocation services showing what help is needed and where- Promotion of your GoFundMe campaign after every connection Need Help? DeeditForward makes it easy to ask for help in just four simple steps. Anytime you need assistance or have time to help someone out, just toggle between "Deeder" and "Needer" modes. Learn more at Any questions can be emailed to
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