Are you a university student or an employee?Do you have a car and you pay a lot of gas by yourself?Are you someone who doesn't own a car, and you'd like to share rides with a new friend and share the cost of gas with them?Would you like to secure your transportation every day at the lowest cost and on a permanent basis?Is all of your money wasted on taxies and you don't share the taxi fare?(feminine)Do you live in a remote governorate and work or study in Amman?The solution is in the "JoDrive" programThe program is based on the idea of forming friendships between students and employees. The program is a link between people that live in the same place and have the same schedule for work or studies and share the same destinations.Car owners will benefit from this application because their new friends who live in the same area will help with gas expenses and other costs. At the same time, those who do not own a car will secure their transport at very low prices when they accompany their new friends with cars.Hossam who does not own a car decided he wants to save himself money when he heard about the application "Jo Drive" and downloaded it. He chose that he is a university studentThat he does not own a carThe area of his residence and his universityAnd the times of his lectures ..And he clicked the search button. He found neighbors in the same area with cars that leave their houses at the same time. He took their number through the application, and they began to share the costs of gasoline and the car and saved themselves transportation costs. If there were no people with cars around him, Hussam would find results of other people with no cars that have the same appointment, and they can gather to share a taxi and split the cost.Rawan is an employee who has implemented the application of "JoDrive" and went to the employee section and entered that she has a car and her working hours.She was able to access the "private results option" which makes her information only visible to female users, so that she would only pair with other women who share the same address and working hours as her, and they could all share the ride and gasoline prices. Moreover, she made new lasting friendships with people who live in the same area where she lives.Hossam and Rawan saved time and effort from high monthly expenses and shortened waiting time under the rain and other inconveniences because their new friends are picking them up at their doorstep. Additionally, they helped decrease the problem of traffic jams by using one car instead of four after they started using the app.* Free application for everyoneWhat are you waiting? You only have to download the "JoDrive" App From Play Store or App Store, register your information, start a search, and you'll find results quickly.CEO & Founder:Ahmad Fareed Al Saif ahmadfareedalsaif@gmail.comDevelopment Team:Ahmad Daas daasahmad1994@gmail.comAmeer Salah
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